Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Stocking Stuffer EVER

Great Idea for a stocking stuffer. Get my postcard book of cannabis-inspired art, "Sinsemilla Sinsations" and it'll fit right into that stocking. The book is available through Amazon or many other on-line shopping. Just google the book title, and get one at the lowest price. Also go to Facebook and see reviews for the book, especially one that was written by Roger Steffens-Ras Rojah! The ultimate Bob Marley afficienado. Check it out below:

"Pat Ryan is the Maxfield Parrish of Pot Crate Art. As the great turn of the century fantasist inspired decades of Orange Crate end pictures, so too has Pat chronicled the Stoner Generation's various manifestations since the Psychedelic Sixties. His heady works draw on many cultures with a style and wit evident in every shimmering line. He is like a visionary from the future, imagining that alternate world where Jah Holy Herb has always been legal. Pat shows what might have been, with laughter, sensitivity and a healthy contempt for the illegal "laws" that declare a plant to be against the law. It's a great joy filled gift for anyone who has ever sucked a spliff or hit a bong."

-Roger Steffens, Founding Editor, The Beat and author of the forthcoming "So Much Things To Say: An Oral History of Bob Marley with Those Who Knew Him Best."